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  Built up of incredible, talented and kind hearted wedding photographers, we provide unique wedding photography services to the cape may county area!  

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Our team is available to proved quality, unique and fun photographers for any event you’re planning on the days I’ve been booked.  With our talented team, we have the ability to meet a wider range with their budget and experience therefore better suiting your wedding day.  There wouldn’t be anyone I would trust more to take the reins! 

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Hi Friend

I’m Lexy

Just a girl with a camera who loves smiling, warm hugs & adventures. My favorite adventure’s usually involve traveling to pretty places, but it could be a fun new date night in too. In a time filled with social media, I often find myself wanting more simplicity. Board game nights, gardening, singing into a hairbrush, walks with my pup, or trips to the beach with a good book are some of my favorite things. I love loving on others and seeing the beauty in all moments. My favorite thing is finding beautiful light and adding some cute people who love each other in there to make magic happen.

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Cherie + Anthony

Nice to meet you

I’m Micheal 

Michael graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Psychology minor. He quickly realized that the corporate world was not for him and began to pursue his passion for photography. Michael first refined his skills shooting the beauty of nature, and then found his love of portrait and wedding photography. He continued to hone his skills as a wedding photographer under several talented established photographers and learned the importance of a positive attitude, organization, and flexibility. Michael thrives on creating a connection with the people he works and believes that it is vital to beautiful images. Having a front row seat to one of the most important days in someone’s life is a real joy and Michael strives to be a source of happiness and calm to the couples he works with. At the end of the day, photographers are visual storytellers and it is an honor to get to tell somebody’s love story.

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I’m Nichole

I’m a mama of 3 wild kiddos that make up everything that I am! They are my why.I was born in Somers Point, NJ and when I was 21 I moved to Sacramento, CA for almost 10 years! Drone + photography has always been a huge passion. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved looking at photos. (I can look at photos of complete strangers all day long!) Throughout my whole childhood, my Dad and Grandfather had a camera in their hand. When my dad and brother passed away, tragically, photos became everything to me. Photography became a true gift in my world. Getting family photos done became an absolute must.  Who knew I’d come this far! I have since worked with a few amazing photographers and learned SO much about the true art of telling people’s stories through a simple picture. It has become so much bigger than I could have ever dreamed! 

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Hey Hey!

I’m Jewels

Most days you can find me juggling two boys under two, riding in my hubby’s ’67 mustang, spending quality family time, or looking for my next fun destination. My photography style is a mix between vibrant, photojournalism, and adventure. I’ve done so much in my life that I am so proud of and that has shaped the woman I am today. Throughout the years, I’ve learned that people were lacking a touch of confidence in themselves. My self included! With the help of many around me, I learned some great tools to keep a more positive attitude. I try my best to teach that to each person I come in contact with. Don’t believe me? Just read my testimonials.


Hey there!

I’m Chrystine Donnelly

I’m from a town just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I moved here to South Jersey about 5 and a half years ago. Six years ago I met a guy on a cruise who totally turned my world upside down and 6 months later I moved 400 miles to start a life with him. Flash forward to the present and we are married homeowners with 4 kids.

I like to take in the world around me, watch people, see how they connect and connect with them. This is what I bring to my photography style as well. I like to catch the spontaneous moments when you are just connecting with your new husband or your kids. I watch for the loving glance, the kiss on the nose or the moment of comfort. I like to catch kids being silly and couples in genuine moments of love. I can find common ground and make you comfortable in front of my lens no matter who you are!