Engagement session

Tips + FAQ: How to prepare!

Engagement Session Run Down!

They’re my favorite, because its usually the first time we are celebrating your engagement in person! Its always a little intimidating to have your photos taken. Trust me, I’m with you on that 100%! 

We offer engagement sessions with our wedding packages for two reasons:

1. We want to take the time to understand how you guys vibe in front of the camera.

2. We understand that sometimes photos can be funny. Trust me when I say that once you’ve had a practice run with the poses we do, they will be the last thing you worry about on your big day! Here are my personal favorite tips for planning your engagement session!


This is huge, It can make or break a session.  These are photos you guys will cherish forever, so dress the part and have fun doing it! I suggest 2 outfits: one dressy and one more casual.  I love a good long sparkle dress or a classic boho white dress paired with a cute floppy hat! Dressing for the season is also super important! I know we want to look our best, but make sure you’re taking the weather into consideration!   Neutral colors are always a win, think about the reflection of the color of your shirt that can reflect on your skin tones! If you don’t want to purchase anything, check out www.renttherunway.com, and go all out! I LOVE long dresses for engagement sessions. They look so romantic. I love to help with this, so feel free to send me pictures. Things to AVOID: loud patterns, matching (like twinzies) + graphic shirts!

Dressing Guide Cheat Sheet

The Causal Looks:

Girls: Colored dress, nuetral sandals or booties. Statement earrings or  staement hat.

Guys: Coordinating button up, khaki pants with matching belt and shoes.

Dressed to the Nine:

Girl: Formal long dress, preferred numeral or one solid color) Heels, elevated by jewelry. ( Rent the Runway Vibe) or Monocrome matching attire.

Guy: Neutral suit or matching blazer, neutral dress shirt and dress pants with dress shoes.

The Beach Vibes:

Girls: White or Cream colored dress, hats with light and airy earrings to match. ditch the shoes!

Guys: Muted-hue button ups or solid shirts, dark wash jeans.


The Holiday:

Girls: Solid colored dress, long sleeve with boots. add scarves, beanies and ear warmers for flair.

Guys: Coordintating long sleeve shirts wiwth matching vest, dark wash jeans with boots. 

Session Tips


Taking your engagement photos doing something you already love doing together really takes the edge off! Choose a location that already plays a part in your relationship. I tell my clients all the time, to take me into your life in the way that makes sesnse. There is nothing worse than having your session on the beach when you hate sand. Maybe you like going to the local brewery or gardening at home- whatever makes you both feel comfortable and connected will work. It will also give you something to focus on while your session is taking place. If you have a specific location or idea in mind, please feel free to share it with me. This is about YOU, and I want to reflect how you are as a couple.  

we suggest..

outdoor locations that are colorful, natural and unique such as vineyards, green houses, beaches, farms.  WE ALWAYS will travel! We also offer lifestyle sessions in the comfort of your own home (OR you can rent a rocking Air B&B for the day or a fancy hotel!)  where we can do a more personal one on one session with a twist. In the event that the weather is not on our side, we will reschedule! Check out our Timing and Weather blog for seasonal session times and suggestions!


This is so important. I shoot the last 2 hours of the day, and when the light is gone, it’s gone! We must start on time, so always plan for traffic, late hair appointments, etc. Have a Fur Baby? YES BRING THEM! Bring a special helper while we are photographing your session! Dont forget the treats!


 YES, do it! This is a great time to do the trial run for you wedding day! If youd like to have your hair and make up done, check out our vendors choice team, Say I Do Hair and Make up!


Go check out my recent engagement sessions on my Instagram. We post every day and seeing the poses will help you nail them! Pintrest is also another great tool for poses! Make Sure to follow us here!

Adding Flare + Details

Exclusively to our couples, we have recently added a new vendor called South Jersey Picnic Co. to our roaster!


Last but not Least…


We get the jitters too. We are only human, and things like this aren’t easy, BUT IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT! Fun fact, your girl is really awkward in front of the camera… In fact, I rarely have my photos taken, and really only do them for work and for my son’s Christmas cards and Averys yearly birthday images. Heres the thing, I love your awkwardness. It’s apart of who you are and I use that to create your magic. I love to make you laugh and to talk to you, because after all we’re both human beings. I understand that most people go into their sessions and weddings thinking they have to look like Heidi Klum; I’m here to tell you that the model faces rarely make the walls. Its the moments where you are newly married and you cannot contain your excitement, or the smile your partner gives only to you. The moments you wish a fly on the wall could capture, those are the shots you hang up. So, I pose you both in ways that I can re-record that moment. Sometimes its as simple as taking a deep breath, and other times its the moments you’re purely being yourself and I’m lucky enough to catch it. I implore you, please bring your awkward and I will bring you the best version I can of your own authentic love.