The First Look

Pros + Cons

The First Look

On the fence about having a first look and waiting until the moment you walk down the aisle is no easy task. Deciding whats best for you on your wedding day is entirely up to you! No matter what you choose, its apart of my job to deliver the same joy filled, sun kissed images and to make your portraits fun and memorable. Here are some reasons to consider having a first look. 

More portrait time.

You’re investing a lot in wedding photos. With a first look you’ll receive 40% more portrait time with your loved ones. Not only that, but you make the most out of your investment and you’re getting more for your money.

Enjoy the surprise freely.

That intimate moment at the end of the isle you’ve been waiting for will be surrounded by everyone you know to see as well. Which can be amazing, but he cant touch you or speak to you until the ceremony is finished. So you can try to relive that moment, after the ceremony is finished and after all your photos are done but it wont be the same… where is your alone time!? you’ll be surround by friends family and us every moment after the ceremony. Plan a moment to yourself too, you wont regret it.

Cocktail Hour Freedom

You’d have your entire cocktail hour to be with your guests and you wont starve! Long tag line, but do you know how many brides and grooms don’t eat? It’s a lot. So let me say it again. You and your person get to go enjoy your entire cocktail hour. Take your selfies with your buddies, hug your grandparents and enjoy your signature drink! While you guys are mingling we are shooting your reception details you worked very hard on and capturing moments before your cocktail hour ends.  Also, for the worriers like myself, cocktail hour is an amazing safety net. If things run over or someone is late or the weather was crappy we can finishing up what we missed at CT hour. Don’t worry, we will send you guys to enjoy the rest of the party when things are complete.


Kick your nerves

Get the work done… SO YOU CAN PARTY! Some real talk here, id say about 1/2 my clients who decided to have a first look, initially did not want one. But since they have never been married before they realized how much goes into a wedding they agreed to get the stressful and nerve wracking part out of they way. Ive had a so many Grooms admit after their wedding day how relaxed and ready they were for the ceremony after all the work was finished. Because trust me, when you’re ready to roll at 12:00PM and your ceremony is at 5:00PM.. the anticipation will kill you!!  Portraits as you read above are the hardest part of the day and when you only have cocktail hour to get family pictures, bridal party and you both as newly weds.. it can be overwhelming. Either way, they all need to get finished and if you do them while your make up is still fresh and the grooms patients feel is high, it’s a win win!


 and thats 100% OKAY! If your guts telling you no, listen to it. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do on your wedding day, especially not us.  We are on your team, and half the journey of planning a wedding, is the planning. It’s my job to make your wedding collection look like we were there from start to finish. So if your heart says let’s keep it traditional, I’ll see you at the alter 😉 NO questions asked. 

You can also plan first looks with your parent or grandparents!